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Blowing Up On TikTok - Advantage of New Opportunities Mixed With A Little Risk


WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Well, let's start with this because of how important it is!


I hope you're having a wonderful day and you realize how lucky you are no matter your situation right now.

400 Trillion to 1. 

The odds of you being born. #Staygrateful 

With that I've got a short story that could make a large impact.


I remember moving to San Diego in 2014. I was living in LA at the time and things didn't work out with a gf. I had two choices with $543 in my account. 

1. Drive 2hrs back home to once again, live with the folks. 

2. Try to figure something else out. 😩

It took me 45 min of me packing up my 2002 Acura RSX at the time to decide, I wasn't going home. I wasn't taking the easy way out. I didn't know what I wanted, BUT I knew what I didn't want. 

There are a few moments in life where YOU need to look at your situation, take a moment to look around🙌... and realize YOU HAVE CONTROL to change it. 👉YOU HAVE...

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Traveling So Much: Best Way To Fund Your Next Trip!

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2019

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So many people want to travel these days and one of the main reasons is to create these memorable experiences! From what I've learned there are two things that are MOST IMPORTANT:

1) Being Able to Travel ($$$) & 2) Having The Time to Travel


I'll break down one of my favorite ways to TRAVEL so you can EXPERIENCE more THIS YEAR!


First things first. I hear a lot of people tell me, "I just can't find the time to travel" or "I can't seem to save up enough money". Always remember, it's never a matter of not having TIME, it's always a matter of YOUR PRIORITIES. IF, you want something in life you'll make it happen! We all know that. You know I'm all about action steps and making things happen. ACTION STEP:  Write Down Where & When You're Going To Go On Your Next Trip!!!! Let's make it happen.

Now, the question becomes how! To be very clear, I'll never tell you what to do with your finances, that's always a personal...

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